Downloaded playlists losing their downloaded status


Downloaded playlists losing their downloaded status







(Android car stereo)

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I keep getting an issue where I downloaded my playlists for offline listening and they randomly lose their downloaded status (the green arrow).


I updated spotify the other day and then grabbed a whole load of new playlists. I downloaded 500 songs and everything was good for a day or two. Today I fire up spotify and every single play list is now showing as not downloaded again. 


This happens all to regularly and is very frustrating.


I have looked in to folder and can see a files folder, then spotify cache, then storage. That folder has hundreds of folders with files in them. Those files seem to have some propriety GUID file naming. I can only assume that this is the music encrypted.


What would cause the GUI to think that nothing is now downloaded?


A couple of other things that might be of note:


  • I have the family plan and there are currently only 4 offline devices (one of which is my car audio)
  • The app is up to date
  • I have a max of 1k files downloaded at any one time
  • Would the fact that I have a phone logged in to the same spotify account affect the downloaded (not concurrently playing)
  • I occassionaly disable google play service and framework to improve performance of the hardware

Any help greatly appreciated






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Re: Downloaded playlists losing their downloaded status

Casual Listener

I got this too. All my downloads have switched to a grey arrow, and they aren't even re downloading.

I'm on a family plan as well.

Before it happened, spotify told me I had found a premium feature on a tab down the bottom.