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Downloaded playlists that update automatically / effect on song limit

Downloaded playlists that update automatically / effect on song limit

I have several playlists downloaded that have 50-100 songs in them, and they are updated weekly or frequently. When the downloaded lists are updated with new songs, will my Android automatically download the new, updated list as Spotify updates it?  If yes, does that continue to add another 50-100 songs per list toward my song limit?  Or does the updated list "erase" the previous downloaded songs and replace them with new songs.  For example, if I have Discover Weekly downloaded to m phone, and there is a new list each week, do I automatically get the new songs "replaced" on my phone? 

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Good question - I was on the forum trying to find an answer to this.  I guess I need to pay attention to a few songs that are downloaded automatically in discover weekly and see if they are still on the phone when the list updates and they are removed from it.  I'll let you know if I figure it out.


I just changed to making discover weekly available offline last week and was suddenly curious if it would just keep accumulating these songs on my phone.

I tried that experiremnt early this year, by adding some track from discover weekly in "no downloded album" and after the new discover the song is no longer downloaded. But i cant tell you about now.

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Dare I say....I think I know.


 On Spotify, you can't download individual songs, just as an experiment lets take a song called "para - Raw Poets" and this song is featured on the "discover weekly" playlist which you have downloaded. 


If that song remains in the playlist, it will be offline. If it leaves that playlist, it is removed as a download because it is no longer part of a playlist that you have selected to be downloaded. So in a way, it is replaced by the new additions to the playlist.


The only way that song would stay downloaded, is if you take it an put it in another playlist which you have set to download offline songs.



I came here looking for a positive answer and couldn't find it so I will try to make an answer.  Using version on iPhone7 iOS10 if you download a playlist to your phone it will remove songs from the list and then download and add the updated songs for that list when it is updated by Spotify.  The part I cannot answer yet is if you have to go into the list or not for this to happen.  I noticed it happening when I opened the app after the ElectroNow list was updated and i was currently in that list already... a bunch of tracks dissappeared and then downloading circle was next to a few songs and they quickly tiurned green indicating the song was now downloaded.   So not 100% sure if this happens automatically when you havent opened the list, but i do iknow it works when you go into the list and you are on wifi or have download over cellular enabled.  Also I noted that downloded songs appear across multiple lists if they are used in more than one list.

So, the answer seems to be that as long as your phone is "online" it automatically adds (as in downloads) songs that are added to a playlist that it has selected as downloaded.


That is, on another instance of Spotify, on your computer, say, you add a song to a playlist that your phone has already downloaded and your phone will automatically download that new song to the phone as part if it's downloaded playlist.


Pretty cool.

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