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Downloaded songs have been deleted continually by spotify

Downloaded songs have been deleted continually by spotify

I've been continuously downloading my songs on my premium account but recently my songs have been deleted twice in a week and I have to download them over and over again, it's like 5 gigas at a time, I'm downloading them in my sd card, in past the problem was rare but nowadays Spotify deletes my songs whenever it wants...

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Thats strange, try going onto your desktop on Spotify and downloading them to your desktop. Also redownload them on your phone. Im sure you don't want to have to take extra precautions but also make a playlist with just these songs. If anything happens screen cap and send it to spotify's developers. Maybe re download Spotify? I promise they're not out to get ya!


Thanks for your reply first of all, unfortunately I've done all of them 🙂 the thing is that when I had registered my desktop app, after 10 mins my phone songs were deleted consequently, idk why but it could be the SD card which creates a problem, now I've downloaded them in my internal storage and I'll let you know if it works, thanks again

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