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Downloaded songs not showing.

Downloaded songs not showing.

I have a couple of playlists that I have downloaded all the songs, about 1700 songs in total. I am often out of coverage, so need these downloads.


Today when I went into the downloaded playlist, the songs were in the playlist however instead of having the normal green downward facing arrow on the left indicating the song was downloaded, all the songs in the playlist were grey and were not recognized as downloaded.


I checked the storage on my phone and it indicated that the data storage for Spotify was around 4.5 gb, what I would expect for 1700 songs.  So the downloaded songs were definitely on my phone, it is just that for some reason the app didn't recognize them.


I uninstalled and reinstalled spotify, so now they have been deleted from storage so I will download them all again.  However this isn't the first time that I've had an issue where my songs are still on the phone but the app doesn't seem to recognize them.  They were definitely there yesterday and for a while.


Running Android 7, Spotify version

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I have just seen your post on the web. Did you solve your problem? I too have a similar problem and trying to get in touch with spotify is almost impossible.

I had an extensive library of classical music downloaded on sd card. My Note 4 went caput and when I reset everything on the new phone it would not recognize downloaded music, but just albums that were saved. This is most frustrating as I don't want to have to down load that music as it would be doubling up. The original music is showing on the sd card.

Thanks for your time.

Hello. Downloaded spotify content is encrypted and locked to the device on which it was downloaded so, unfortunately, you can't transfer the music by moving an SD card to a new device.

You will have to redownload your offline music and I recommend formatting the SD card first to clear the old cache.

Thanks for your time Joe

Hi There!


Unfortuntely as spotify music is encrypted when you 'download' a song it is only downloaded to your device, you do not own a hard copy of these files.


So when youre phone went kaput so would your music! I hope you didn't have to wait long to download your playlists on your new device and you're up and running again now! 



scottinnj124's question never got answered. He did not change phones; his green "downloaded" indicator just went dark, but his phone's storage indicated that his downloads were still cached. I have exactly the same problem, and it has just happened for the second time. Android 7.x, LG V20 phone. 


When I re-download a previously downloaded playlist, my phone's storage meter indicates the bump in data -- sos the playlist has been downloaded again, but *not* overwriting the original download. If I go through my whole download collection it will double my 6.7GB storage of Spotify music, unnecessarily. My recourse is to clear ALL data from the app and re-download all that music.


This is a serious bug. Solutions?

PS to my first message -- I realized (in time) that if I delete my app data, the playlists will disappear, too, some of which represent years of work. So that's no good. I'm stuck with this: every time this problem surfaces and I re-download my music, I double my Spotify storage footprint. Bad bug, people. Have to get some attention on this.

I have the same issue! I download songs but when I go to offline mode they aren't there. This is very annoying! I'm still in my trial period and if this issue doesn't disappear I will most likely cancel my subscription. 



I have the same problem: 8 gb of downloaded playlists that I can't access. Very annoying.I can see the storage occupied on my sd card but Spotify behaves as if I have no downloaded music at all. 

Spotify v8.4.29.289

Android v7.1.2

Wileyfox swift 2X



Same problem, will probably cancel my subscription - even though I have clearly downloaded the songs (as my Spotify app is 15GB) they are not available AND probably using up my mobile data again and again every time I listen to these songs!


Same here, I have about 7Gb of downloaded music to hear offline, my app doesn't mark those with green arrows but the volume of downloaded data is occupying disk space. It's a big bummer since I have to clear it all and redownload it all again! Not the first time this happens, neither second, this issue should be corrected for good


From Nexus 5X

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