Downloaded songs stop playing

Downloaded songs stop playing


Hi everyone. I've been so good with Spotify so far. I have about 6gbs of songs downloaded but some of these songs just stop playing randomly, when I'm offline of course. I have to listen to all the playlist to find these songs and download the problematic ones again. This is annoying me very much. Anyone facing this problem? I don't want to re-install, though. Thanks!

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I have had a similar/same problem for a couple of months.

Downloaded tracks stop partway through. Only way to fix it is to play the track through when I am back on line (streaming). But extremely annoying and timewasting. A playlist I downloaded at the weekend had 5 of 14 tracks incomplete.


This has been a problem for months, as reported by many people. Yet another bug introduced during an update to 'fix' another bug.

But reporting on this forum achieves nothing other than suggestions from the forum 'helpers' to re-re-re-re....install the app. And to demonstrate the the Spotify devs are clueless and/or don't give a darn.




Hi @hozgunaydinn it sounds like there is a problem with the files for these songs in the spotify cache. You have three options:

  1. Replace them with alternative versions, if any are available.
  2. Delete them.
  3. Delete the spotify data/cache and redownload everything.


@woodandrew90 the forum isn't an official support channel. If you want direct support from Spotify, you can use the contact form, tweet @SpotifyCares or post on SpotifyCares Facebook.

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