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Downloaded songs wont offline download

Downloaded songs wont offline download

I have Spotify Premium and when I add songs from my Local files songs that arent on spotify they arent available when I offline download them it used to be ok and they would work and download but now I cant choose them when offline and when I redownload the playlist it only downloads the songs that are actually from Spotify not my Local File Songs.


Any Fix it used to work fine. 

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Anybody? This happen to anyone else? Very annoying how it suddenly doesnt work.. 10 quid a month for this.. 

Same thing is happening to me, Local File sync stopped working without changing anything on my end. No recent updates as far as I'm aware of, and no connectivity issues.

Very annoying needs fixed.. 

Cancelled my subscription, whats the point in paying the overpriced £10 a month for the main feature of the premium to not even work lmao. 

 I have same problem. 


A month ago it was working perfectly, now all my local songs are gone. I've entire playlists of local songs that is completely unavailable...


Another issue: Some "local" playlists has different sizes! I've a playlists with Ai Otsuka, Utada Hikaru and Mika Nakashima, but on my Android device my playlist show AI Otsuka's songs only... but anyway, none of them is playable since is a f*ckin bugged local file.





My devices:


Where my local mp3 files are:

Windows 10 + desktop client version (up to date)


Where I'm trying to download:

Untouched motorola Android 6.0 (Moto X Play) + android client version (also up to date)



Linux Mint + desktop client version 

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