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Shuffle Not Working?

Shuffle Not Working?

Seems like the shuffle function is not working in the android app.  If I play a playlist and highlight the shuffle icon, I'm still just getting the straight playlist.  Droid X.

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Same here. I'm using the latest(!?), version, and the shuffle function is not working!

The shuffle function have been working in earlier versions.

Same problem here. Shuffle "mode" on on a Samsung S Galaxy II. Doesn't work to fix this??? Major problem for me.

Dear Spotify people, is there really nothing I can do?

Have you tried a clean reinstallation of the app?



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Could it be the version?  I currently lost my shuffle button too.  I am on version for my android (Galaxy SIII).  It was there & now it is gone.  I don't want to become a premium user if it has to do with upgrade.  Can we please get back our shuffle button?

I am unable to use shuffle play on my Sony Z3 compact device using my free account.  


However, when I opted to try premium 7 days, my device can suddenly play music as normal.  Seems my account needs to be on Premium in order to play music on my mobile device.  Is this expected?  What happened to free account with shuffle play only and ads?  I actually don't mind the ads and shuffle play with limits skips.  Why do I need to be on Premium just to have music played?


I had been in contact with spotify support team for 2+ weeks, but still no reply, feeling like they are pretty much ignoring me now, which is kinda sad.


My support reference number : [ ref:_00DD0pxIW._5005717n1h6:ref ]


Any ideas on how to reach someone on Spotify?





same here! 


i can't shuffle play any music on my samsung galaxy s6 with a free account...


please help..

Thanks HowiehowTW, its good to know it's not just me having this issue!  

Hi all,

Any suggestions at all on how to proceed? No responses from the support team at all, starting to feel they don't care for their users...

Hi Spotify folks,


Any update?  I still haven't received any emails or acknowledgements from the support team at all.

Kind of losing hope of ever able to use Spotify Free on my mobile device.....



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Spotify support team (if you do actually exist), it's been 22 days since I heard from you (ref:_00DD0pxIW._5005717n1h6:ref), seriously, please have the courtesy to respond back.


Is it because I'm a free account user, so I'm not as important?


So I noticed this on the desktop version of Spotify.  It seems, my mobile device cannot play music because needs a premium account.


Is this expected?  I thought Spotify Free can be used on mobile devices too?


Is Spotify advertising falsely regarding being able to use Spotify Free on mobile devices?



Just adding evidence from there help pages.  Looks like I should be able to use Spotify Free on mobile device?!/article/spotify-free-on-your-mobile-phone




HI all,


Just wanted to report back.  So after waiting for so long, I decided to take to twitter to make my case.  @SpotifyCares came to my aid.


Surprisingly, they said they had no record on their side of the emails I sent based on the reference number.

However they did conitnue to offer assistance via Twitter DM.


For my case, as the coutry setting on my Spotify Free account is set to "TW" (Taiwan), it seems the Spotify Free service on mobile is not available to users based in Taiwan.


So if the country field on your account profile is set to "TW", you will not be able to use your Spotify Free account on your mobile device.

Here's the final part of the conversation I had with the SpotifyCares team.




I would highly recommend getting to Twitter and reaching out to @SpotifyCares for issues, they are more responsive there.


Hope this helps.


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