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Downloaded tracks disappear

Downloaded tracks disappear

This happened for the second time today: Almost all of my downloaded tracks weren't available offline anymore. And no, I didn't "undownload" them, they just disappeared.

The first time it happened, only a few albums disappeared, but this morning, all of my downloaded music except for two albums was gone.


Any idea how this happened? 

Thank you in advance 🙂

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This is a frequently reported problem on this forum.

I regularly lose downloaded tracks. Last night was 60 tracks. Worst I've had was 1000+ tracks undownloaded. No pattern or apparent reason. No comment or explanation from Spotify.


The only rule is that you must go online to your account at least every 30 days to maintain offline downloaded music.


Standard response from the forum moderators is to delete and reinstall the app. Since you seem to have an extremely bad 'dose' of this problem, maybe you do have a bad instalation or corrupted app, and it might be worth trying.....?

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