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Downloading Music - Samsung

Downloading Music - Samsung

So I cannot download music on my S7 Edge anymore, since around 2 days ago... I've tried everything, but none of the Solutions, even the Samsung specific ones, seem to work at all. I have tried reinstaling the app, clearing all kinds of caches and also restarting the phone. Even a fresh SD card doesnt do the trick. I'm nowhere near the 3,333 song limit, and there is more than enough space on my SD card. 

The only thing that works is that when I download over cellular, it lets me load one or two songs and then it stops again, but even so, I can't download 800 songs over cellular. 

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi. What do you see happening when you try to download an album or playlist over wifi? Do you see any messages like "waiting to download" or anything?

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