Downloads continually self destructing


Downloads continually self destructing

Casual Listener
Using a wileyfox swift handset that runs a modified version of android, specifically cyanogen OS crackling 13.01.2 (android 6.0.1).

Over different OS updates and Spotify updates, and since using this phone for coming up a year the downloads will undownload. This isn't one album at a time but individual songs randomly spread across my collection. Drip drop, sometimes slowly sometimes not, but day in day out a find stuff gone AWOL.

For example yesterday I finished redownloading 97 tracks that were all there less than a week ago, and today there are already a smattering of tracks missing.

Reading previous support threads this issue never seems to be resolved. Finally I'm coming here to vent my frustration and hopefully contribute to nudging Spotify to one day address these issues.

I and sticking around for now but it's definitely foreseeable that I will jump ship to a different platform in the future.

OK well since I'm here I will ask if there are any fixes, or even if this issue is actually acknowledged by spotify.?

BTW I have performed two full factory resets since using this phone, reinstalled Spotify etc. My music is now stored on a mounted micro SD ( not as a separate partition/ drive as previously was possible). Anyway whatever I have done has never worked. To be honest there really isn't anything I have not tried in the past so unhappily live with it. Seems it is firmly something that is completely out of the user's hands to fix. Which only can mean it's an issue from Spotifys end.

unfortunately since I'm not an IoS user it seems these issues will never be addressed ( similar to when for a brief period I experienced massive volume spikes that almost saw me abandoning Spotify - really dangerous stuff - the fix was to turn off my very nice EQ mixer)

OK rant over! Is Spotify addressing these issues? Or is there some magic fix that I have not tried yet?