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Downloads gone

Downloads gone

After updating to the latest version of spotify a couple of days ago all my saved and downloaded songs were gone. Almost 2000 songs and playlists poof... I had to download everything again. Is it possible gor this to be due to the Update?? The mass storage file was still on my sd card but my library was blank, was the file corrupted? And if so why didn't i get a message stating it couldn't be accessed??
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i had this problem too, and my phone still needed the storage too while i didnt download any song the best you can do is just delete spotify of your phone, install it again and then download all your songs again. I know its stupid because it takes some time to download them all again but i think its the only way.


if you still have problems, dont doubt just ask 😉



Thanks gor the reply. That's actually what I did. I just wanted to know if it was due to something in particular so as to avoid doing it again or if it was just a glitch.

I think it was just once because i had it like 2 weeks ago but since then i didn't have any problem again so i think it will not hapain again 😉
If you still have a question, don't doubt to ask it again,

Hey everyone,
Not OP but I had the same thing happen, with the addition that the app apparently deleted my songs from my standard "songs" tab entirely, not only the downloaded data. I compared with an older backup and I've lost 2400 of my songs apparently. Which is really annoying since I can't remember everything thats not included in my backup. Any solutions for that? Its probably an account wide issue.


If you lost playlists, you can retrive them form your account. there is a section for this.

If you lost songs or artists you were following I don't really know if you can retrive them, only manually add them.

Quite a task to add 2000 + songs one by one, but on hindsight you will make a purge of songs you downloaded but never listened to.


Restart the app or force stop it. If that doesn't seem to fix the problem, then try to visit the Spotify help website where you'll find an option to restore your possibly deleted playlists. Hope I've helped you 💖

Cada vez que me quedo sin internet no puedo escuchar la lista que arme y pago el premium me podrias ayudar por favor

Me too.

All my albums un-donwloaded for no reason today. 

All of the playlists (including tracks from those albums) still present.

This may or may not be realted to the app update.  This is a regular occurance (I've been premium for about 2 years and have had maybe a dozen 'mass deletions' (100's-1000's tracks) and uncountable minor level deletions.


Just the normal utter garbage Spotify 'premium' service.

Spotify don't give a darn and have no demonstrated capability or intentio to address the problem.


The only 'help' you'll ever get on this forum are the volunteer helpers spamming "Please delete and resinstall the app" messages.

Armaste la lista y la descargaste???? Antes de la lista de canciones hay un botón que dice descargar, tiene que estar verde, se van a descargar las canciones. Y ahí las vas a poder escuchar sin internet. Si no descargas las canciones por mas que pagues premium necesitas algún tipo de conexión a internet.

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