Downloads not working on mobile


Downloads not working on mobile

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United States of America


LG V20

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Android Nougat


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Yesterday evening, I downloaded around 10 new songs to put on my playlist. I put them on playlist one by one. After I finished adding them all I noticed that were gray and I couldn't play them. If I gather them together in a playlist and try to download the playlist, it will say that it is waiting to download. I already had some downloads saved to my playlist that worked just fine. I had an issue like this a couple weeks back. The solution was to delete the downloads from my playlist and changed the source location. I tried that again but it didn't seem to work. Now I can't get any downloads to play through my mobile spotify. I've looked at most of the solutions that people have provided and none of them have worked so far. I've been working on this since last night and I still can not find an answer. 

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Same issue here - right now, I'm trying to download a playlist and it's telling me i need to enable cellular downloads, even though I'm connected to wifi.  Earlier, it showed several local files in the playlist as downloaded, but wouldn't play them on my phone, even though they'd play in the same playlist on the desktop app.  I tried removing the download and then redownloading, but now the entire playlist won't download - at various points i get the cellular message or the "waiting to download" message


Troubleshooting steps already taken:

Cleared cache on phone, removed app and reinstalled

Reset wifi

Removed desktop app and reinstalled

Changed file locations

Checked wifi settings

Deleted playlist and created new version

cleared offline devices in desktop app

ensured both desktop and phone are running the latest versions of the app


Any help appreciated, I work in a building with no cell signal, no music makes me crazy!


I'm on a pixel 3xl, in the USA, running the latest version of android