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Downloads using cellular on Android 6 Marshmallow

Downloads using cellular on Android 6 Marshmallow

Hi, please help. I'm using the newest Spotify app on Custom ROM Cyanogenmod 13 based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. But, I can't download using Cellular network, Spotify ask me to "Go to settings to download using Cellular" although I enabled it already.
I have reinstall Spotify, delete app data, delete my connected device, grant all permission, disable privacy guard, and disable doze for Spotify app. Still have no clue, and can't get official support because I'm using custom ROM. please share your experience and kindly help. Thanks in advance
2 Replies

Unfortunately I don't have a solution either, just want to raise visibility of issue, as I have the same problems, also Cyanogen OS 13 (not 'custom' but a Wileyfox phone, comes with CM preinstalled).


Tried the same, and to my surprise it *did* work *once* and synced a playlist after clearing local data & re-login, but that stopped after ~a day, and no matter what I do, it wouldn't start syncing via cellular again.


Some additional observation:

- start playing a song that is marked for download fetches it, and would remain on the device for offline later (so you can 'manually' sync playlists by clicking each song and wait a couple of seconds until it starts to play, then move to next).

- connecting to WiFi starts / disconnecting stops syncing immediately


Official support request ended (after long email-chain) with support saying Cyanogen OS is not Android, hence not supported.

I have this issue also on my Samsung S7

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