Droid X2 -- Immediate Force Close on Start Up

Droid X2 -- Immediate Force Close on Start Up

Hi.  I've used Spotify on my iPad for sometime but my friend raves about it on his Android-based device.  I want to switch to that device and, if it works well, go Premium so I can listen to off-line content.  However, after downloading the app from Google Play this morning I've found that it hangs with a white screen, eventually force closing, on every single attempt to use it.  Any idea what might be going on?





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BTW, yes I read and followed the instructions in troubleshooting for Android:



See original post


What are the steps you took to get to the error/issue?

Installed and attempted to open Spotify on my device; immediately get white screen which eventually Force Closes.


What I expected to happen

Hopefully:  open Spotify


Did you restart your device when troubleshooting in section B?

Yes -- I actually did all of the steps in troubleshooting, including a reinstall/reboot procedure


Did you read the connection troubleshooting tips?



Your device

E.g. Motorola Droid X2


Device’s Operating System

E.g. 2.3.5


What type of account do you have?

Free for now (hoping to upgrade to Premium if I can get it working on phone)


Space left on your device



Space left on your SD card (if applicable)



Is your device rooted?



Are you using a custom ROM, if so which one, exactly?



Did you set your external SD card as storage location?



Did you manually install an older version before installing the latest version from the Play Store?



Do you have the same issue when switching between WiFi/Mobile Data (If applicable)?



If you said "No", when does the issue not occur?



My mobile Spotify version



My desktop Spotify version (if applicable)



My mobile provider and country



My username



Do you have a Spotify (non-Facebook) login?



Are you logging in with Facebook or with your Spotify login details?

Spotify (N/A - don't get that far)


Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?

No -- but it is a white screen only


Did someone out there do something to my account in the background?  It suddenly "started working."  Not being a believer in black magic, coincidences, or the digital paranormal, something changed that made it work.....

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