Duplicate Scrobble through Connect when controlling Desktop app through Android app


Duplicate Scrobble through Connect when controlling Desktop app through Android app


Steps to reproduce.


1. Log into Spotify on a desktop.

2. Ensure your settings are set up to scrobble to last.fm

3. Play a track.

4. With the same Spotify account, connect to the android app on a separate device.

5. Ensure that the android settings are set to scrobble to last.fm.

6. Choose to control the desktop plays through the Android app.


What should happen.

Tracks played are scrobbled to last.fm once per play.


What happens:

Each track is scrobbled twice, once through the desktop app and once through the Android app.


If the Android app is using connect, it should be able to work out if scrobbling is already happening on the desktop account. I can't imagine a valid usecase where you'd actually want two scrobbles for each track in this scenario.

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Casual Listener

Please make it stop 😞

Gig Goer

Same problem here. Very annoying. The point with Last.fm is to have accurate statistics, and this messes up that.


This happens the other way around too while controlling android from desktop app.


Not only that, but even when back at my desk using Spotify on my desktop as normal, it continues report duplicate tracks -- presumably because the android app can't actually be shut off. Super frstutrating.


And just because I want to vent: I've been waiting for Spotify to implement play count tracking for years. YEARS. Every time I google it, the answer is the same: "just use last.fm." So I finally created an account on last.fm, got super excited about it because it does seem pretty cool, and now everything I play gets reported twice because I opened Spotify on my tablet once. FFS.


same problem 


You must turn off the "Device Broadcast Status" and turn on the "Last.fm Scrobbling". But it does not work when I use a bluetooth headset...

 double scrobbling spotify.jpg


I have Spotify on my laptop, tablet, and phone, and seriously thought it was smart enough to realize scrobbling should just happen from one of those.


But no, I got triple scrobbles - one from each device! 😞


So, as advised, I turned off broadcasting device status on the tablet and phone apps, and also turned off the app on my laptop. That worked.


But, again as another user mentioned, it still double scrobbles when I use a bluetooth headset.


Or rather, it double scrobbles when using a bluetooth headset in my house (I guess it magically still knows about my other devices), but not outside the house. Sigh. 


I have removed the Spotify app from my phone, but I still get double scrobbles . You'd think last.fm would have some simple check in place that would prevent double scrobbles, like "if same track is scrobbled more than once in less amount of time than the length of the track, ignore the extra scrobbles".

Casual Listener

Since I'm using an equalizer on my phone, this isn't an option for me.

All that it does is to prevent other applications from interacting with Spotify on the phone.

But having it scrobbling on my android phone and not on my pc seems to work great. But I still have to open the app on my phone when I'm listening to music.

Casual Listener

To be fair, Last.fm should really have better duplicate rejection. If the same song is played with more than 90% overlap, then it should only scrobble it once.