EQ is delayed on Nexus 6P


EQ is delayed on Nexus 6P


I have just purchased a Nexus 6P as an upgrade from my iPhone 5s. I absolutely love the phone but there is one thing I despise about it, and that's the equaliser in Spotify.


I listen to Spotify everytime I'm out of the house and I really like using the equaliser so I can get my ideal sound. However it seems that on Nexus devices that the EQ is always delayed a tad. Everytime I select a song to play or skip to next song, the song starts playing without the EQ, and then stops for a split second and then resumes with my custom EQ settings. I find this extremely annoying regardless if it may sound pedantic or not.


Is there a solution for this? I'm really liking the change from iOS to Android, but I'm a bit let down that I have 12 months of Spotify where it worked perfectly on iOS but it doesn't on Android.


I don't really know a lot about rooting, but I have heard about applications like Viper4Android that seem interesting, not really sure how to get that installed on here.


Surely I'm not the only one getting this issue?

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