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ERROR Go online to search for millions of songs

ERROR Go online to search for millions of songs

Samsung galaxy s8 plus. Norway. Spotify premium.   Spotify keeps saying i should go online to search for a song. Works perfectly on pc but keeps stating i dont have a connection on my phone when i clearly doo.  This needs to be fixed asap... i dont pay for spotify and not be able to listen to any music from spotify on my phone. 

Been like this for months. Tried everything on forums. Maybe time for spotify to get their head of their **bleep** and fix it.  Only fix that has worked for me so far is uninstalling and installing... which means all my 3 gigs of songs gets deleted every time

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Hey @minpepsi, welcome to our Spotify Community!


Do you have the same issue while your mobile data? Also, since when are you having this issue?


We'd recommend giving it a go using a friend's or a family member's account. Let us know if it happens the same.


Take care 🙂

Me too, the same problem since today.

What is that all about?

That does not fix the problem tho? Using a friends account to listen to music because something you are paying for is broken? I dont pay for spotify to then use a friends account. This is a problem on spotifys side. Something they should fix. Not something we the users have to adapt to. As of now this happens everytime i connect to my home network/ or any other network after beeing on cellular. And its really annoying. 

me too.

my fix for this bug was to install spotify beta, never ocurred again.

Not sure where u cN find the beta version. When i search for it the spotify i have downloaded pops up. The other spotify i find is the one for artist. So far nothing other that forcing stop or delete and reinstall works. All tho reinstall takes waaay longer

Hey folks, 


Sorry to hear this is still happening!


Can you let us know if you're using a VPN?

Also, are you currently in the same country as listed on your account?


In the meantime, we'd recommend checking that your device, and operating system are up-to-date.


Keep us posted and we'll keep on lending a hand.





Using Moto g5 Plus.
I have the exact same problem. Can't search, told I am offline but I'm not and playing music works fine.
Have tried several times to, restart phone, erase cache and reinstall the app-That helps for about 30 minutes, then the problem comes back. No difference between wifi or mobile data. Same problem with friends account on my phone. No VPN. I am in the same country as account.

I'm with the same problem is happen with me. I need a solution, or I will cancel my premium account.


Hi, have you already cancelled your premium subscription?

I have not cancelled my subscription. This problem has been around for years.. does not seem like they are ever going to fix it... 

Same issue on a Fresh install on a brand new phone with all updates. Only way to solve is clear cache every 15 to 30 minutes? Is this what I'm paying for? Thw inability to search Spotify reliably?

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