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Encrypted sd card causes Spotify to lose offline music

Encrypted sd card causes Spotify to lose offline music

Every time after my device reboots, Spotify changes offline storage from sd card storage to device storage. Spotify then begins downloading all of the saved music to the device storage. Changing the storage location does not stop the download to device storage, only instructs Spotify to move the files once the download is finished. Meanwhile, the storage space is still allocated on the sd card for the old library.

Sometimes, Spotify will only download a song or two before simply removing the available offline flag from most music which had previously been downloaded. In this case, often Spotify was not loaded at boot (presumably due to not having been in memory at power down) and I allowed the sd card to be decrypted by Android prior to starting Spotify. When this happens, and I switch it back to device storage, sometimes Spotify will temporarily notice its previous offline cache and allow offline listening for a time. Eventually it always resets the storage cache and insists on redownloading.

The problem seems to be that Spotify always loads and looks for its cache before the encrypted sd card can be decrypted by the system.
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Re-upping post - This issue is still really painfull...

There was a bug topic on this, which I can't find right now. Spotify's answer was to not start spotify after powering on the phone for a couple of minutes to give android OS time to finish mounting the encrypted card. If I remember correctly, they then closed the topc.

Yep, I found this solution but I'm still encoutering the issue.


Last time, I've opened Spotify after something like one or two hours but still the issue.

Or it is like Spotify "auto-started" when booting.

@Autotime posted here that disabling spotify before rebooting will work.

Yes that works with amdroid 6 but android 7 is noe in the pipes

Android 7 for samsung stopped most app disablers from working. It also killed adorable storage.

Android 7 did however fix many issues with spotify like bulk erasing of all data on reboot.
Spotify never resolved bulk erasing in over a year making android 6 + spotify + premium/downloads virtually unusable.

Thanks for popping in 🙂

Problem still exists for me. Samsung S7, SD encrypted.

Offline data away after every reboot.

Since the old bug report was closed, I opened a new one at It could be helpful when you also comment / interact with this bug if you're affected.

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