Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

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Android Marshmallow


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 I've been experiencing quite an irritating problem recently. Whenever I'm listening to music with the equaliser ON I'm being interrupted by the constant and sudden changes in volume. 

Basically, if the equaliser is ON any of the changes made within it result in strange falls and rises of volume throughout the songs. Even when it's set to "Flat" the volume is not right . In my case the desktop app seems to be working well, but using the Andoird app and listening through the loudspeaker, wired headphones, Bluetooth headphones/speakers is very annoying. Very often the first ~30 seconds of the song is as loud as it is supposed to be, but then the volume goes down and goes up again at the end of the song.

The problem ends when I turn OFF the equaliser, but then I can't enjoy the full music experience.

Can this issue be further investigated? I'm pretty sure there is more people out there struggling with the same problem. 

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