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So I've been looking for the built in equalizer in the Android app but can't find. I'm a premium member and so is my friend. I was telling him Spotify app needs an equalizer he said it has one and I was no way, where is it. He showed his equalizer in his Spotify app but it doesn't show up on mine. How can I use the equalizer in Spotify? Or is there another equalizer I can use while using the Spotify app on my android? Thank you
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Android works slightly differently, rather than having EQ's per app/system etc they all tap into a global EQ which controls all volumes, settings globally for all apps that tap into the media output sound channel. The inbuilt EQ (or "Audio Effects" as it's called in the app) in spotify is essentially just a link to the Equalizer built into the ROM, if (as found in some Samsung & HTC devices) the EQ control is missing from the Android Settings then there is nothing for the Spotify to link to, as such it will remove the option.

If this is the case you need to install an app such as ViPER4Android FX (which is what I use, but does require Root & BusyBox to be installed), or EQ - Music Player Equalizer and the option will appear in the Spotify app. Clicking on it will take you to the EQ app where you can control the settings.

FYI:- xda thread for V4A with setup guide, tips and support is:

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I tried out the EQ music equalizer app but it'd not showing up in the Spotify app. How do I get it to connect? It's not showing me the equalizer options in the Spotify app

I can't install V4A because my phone isn't rooted

Jahzeel : what device are you using?  

Some device manufacturers (e.g. LG phones) disable the equalizer.  So it is not a fault of Spotify.


I tried several equalizer apps from the app store.

  • Some don't work at all with Spotify (the EQ Music Player Equalizer mentioned above is one that has no effect at all)
  • Some will just irritate you with advertisements (and maybe bugs and spyware)
  • None of them have more than 5 sliders (so very basic adjustability)


So I simply gave up.

I'm using an HTC ONE M8. idk if that helps lol

I read on an audiophile forum ( that some phone makers who market their phones as music-oriented devices do specifically disable equalisers in 3rd party software (e.g Spotify). So perhaps this is the situation with the HTC One.

I can only share my experience that the 5 or 6 3rd party equalisers that I tried were of no benefit to sound quality (or equally useless).

I just really want an equalizer. Is that too much to ask for? Lol. You would think a music oriented phone wouldn't block a feature like that, right? Lol. Grr I appreciate all the feedback and help guys (:

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