*FIXED*Spotify freezes and crashes

*FIXED*Spotify freezes and crashes






Huawei P20 Pro

Operating System

EMUI 9.1.0/Android 9

My Question or Issue

Spotify will crash whenever I touch the "now playing" bar on the bottom of the screen. It doesn't do it with all songs, and otherwise the app works fine. Only when certain songs are in the "now playing" the app crashes. 

I've already tried

  • Clearing data/cache
  • Running offline
  • Reinstalling

If attachments of the problem will help, request and I'll post them. Thanks for your time.

EDIT: I fixed the problem by doing the following in this exact order (I don't know if it makes a difference) 

  1. Clearing data/cache
  2. Uninstalling
  3. Powering off phone (NOT restarting) 
  4. Powering on phone
  5. Downloading the latest .apk of Spotify and installing it

For some reason this worked. So thanks for nothing I guess. 


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