Facebook are logging me off?

Why do I need to choose Spotify or facebook when i use my mobilephone?

I got premium Spotify, NOT facebook!

I use it in my car and if I have to log in because of this virus called facebook every time i get in my car,

this music app will not work for me.

I have tried to turn facebook off, but without luck!

What do I do now?

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Hi there,

if you have an account created before the Facebook tie in then you can log in with your Spotify username and password - no need to touch the FB log in.

However, if you have an account created since about last October/November then your Spotify username and password is your FB username and password - no way to dis-attach these things.
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I'm confused, if you don't have facebook why are you trying to login with facebook? If you do have facebook but dont want to login with your facebook details (and you actually created your login through the facebook integration) you can get your non-facebook login by going to Retrieve your Spotify username and create your device password. http://www.spotify.com/us/help/faq/devices/connect-devices/

I had this spotify acc for a long time, from before FB got mixed in.

The problem started when FB became an option.

Its not every day, but quite often. I have to log in as FB or Spotify user, and then an advert for FB pops up, even when I log in with my Spotify acc? And I cant get passed that advert without logging in all over again, sometimes 3-4 times?

This never happened earlier, when FB wasnt a part of Spotify.

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