Feature request: partial playlist download


Feature request: partial playlist download




So this might be a strange use-case, I am open to suggestions on if I can achieve this in another way. Anyway, my regular listening/music discovery pattern is that I have one massive playlist (1500+ songs) which I listen to from the top. I add new songs to the bottom of this and delete from the top as I as progress through it. I call it the infinite list 🙂


So here's my problem, I want to listen to this list also on my mobile devices but the list is to big to download (would fill upp my device storage and take days to download). I have currently solved this by having a secondary list with just the current 100 songs which I play on my mobile devices when I am not in wifi coverage. But the administration of this is a bit cumbersome, moving songs from the big list to the small and keeping the current playing in sync.


What I am looking for is a way to enable a limited offline sync of a playlist. When I press the "download" button I would like the option to select how many songs (100 in my case) from the list that should be downloaded, so that when I make changes to the list from my computer all devices would automatically keep the 100 first songs downloaded.

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Re: Feature request: partial playlist download

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Have you checked to see if that Idea already exists in the Ideas section? If it does then add your Kudos to show your support. If not, create a new idea and if it gets enough Kudos it may well happen!


I suspect your particular use case is not really best practice, you should really just maintain the lists seperately.

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Re: Feature request: partial playlist download

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great idea !

a way to sync only 100 latest songs of a playlist would be amazing !

Re: Feature request: partial playlist download


i absolutely love this idea! I want to make long playlists but only have the most recently added (and most recently played) tracks downloaded on my phone.