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Files doesn`t save to SD card after UPDATE armV7

Files doesn`t save to SD card after UPDATE armV7






(Samsung Galaxy 9+)

Operating System

 Android 8.0.0


My Question or Issue

Hi, After some update the SD option to save files is no longer available 

version: armV7, it only shows the internal storage , in previous versions I just tap in Storage then option to save data in SD was available then just choose SD stoger but now is no longer posible. how can I save my data in the  SD memory?

My SD works fine, phone recognize the SD card



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Hey @Asmegin, welcome to our Spotify Community!


We'd recommend installing the Spotify version 8.4.64. No worries, you can do it by reinstalling the app following the steps at


Let us know if it helps you out 🙂

No i still have the problem. Even formatted my sd card 

Hey man, I'm from Mexico too, also have the same problem. Have you solved it already? 

I've tried all, but nothing seems to work

If you have solved it, please help me 

Nope even after the update of last night.

OK bro, thanks 


German Galaxy S7 user here. I've noticed the same issue. Latest version is installed. Please fix this and let us know. Thanks!

Hi @MilanLD89! Welcome to our Spotify Community.


Could you give it a go with a different SD card? This should help you out. 


Take care.

Same here after the latest update. Beside that, it won't suggest songs anymore in a playlist, telling me to go online, although I'm playing the list while online.

Did all the usual resets etc, nothing helps.

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