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Fix the Android SD card bug!

Fix the Android SD card bug!

I would love to see the Android SD card bug fixed! It's a known bug that happens when the user stores their spotify downloads on an sd card. it causes the app to return an error message stating "go online to see menu" when attempting to view artist or album pages.  it's been a bug for over a year and it remains unfixed. this has been confirmed (the bug and it's longevity) to me by a spotify support representative. please please please let me store my downloads on an SD card! 

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why did this post get moved? I don't need help or support - I've already figured out the issue with a tech rep on chat. they told me there's a bug that needs fixing and to post in the "idea" submission forum.

whatever. I'm testing the waters of other services. it's crazy that a bug can stick around for over a year and not be addressed.

I was also getting the same error previously on my SD card. It's because the SD card is too slow and it just errors out.


Consider buying the sandisk extreme pro SD card and you won't experience this error anymore


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