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Follow me button / Download hook

Follow me button / Download hook

There are next big Bugs, that destroy the happiness of using spotify. 

Appearently there is a Limit of quantity of the artist I Can follow. If I push the follow button then it changes correct into green. If I open next time spotify the green button is lost and I have to push again. At the Moment I can't follow any artists because spotify remove all green when starting new! (Android App for Android 9 pie, Sony Xperia XZ1 compact) 
I follow circa 2,000 artists, get each week a Release Radar within 130 Songs (!!!) and I think that there is a Limit.... Please change. 

Beside this you have also remove the green download hook when I search for a song that shows me that I have this song already downloaded in one of my playlists. 

Thanks for your support again, 



(Sony Xperia XZ1 compact  

Operating System

(Android 9 pie .)


Family Premium 



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