Ford Sync applink help


Ford Sync applink help

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Hello all,

I picked up a new car (ford focus) yesterday with sync 2 on it. Is there anything special that I need to do to make applink work? I've tried saying "mobile applications" with the app open but nothing is working.

Thanks in advance for any help offered!

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Spotify woks only with Ford Sync 1.1 + Applink devices.

I can confirm this because my old car (Ford B-MAX) had the Sync 1.1 with Applink and spotify worked always well.

Now I have a new C-MAX with Sync2 (no applink features are available), and I can use Spotify only with the standard BT streaming.

Note that with the Sync 1.1 with applink yor car will display all the Spotify functions (Playlist, Album, Radio...), with Sync2  you will not have this features.





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Re: Ford Sync applink help

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Please see the below site for detail on how to connect/use Spotify with Ford SYNC with app link:

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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Re: Ford Sync applink help


Hello - Did you manage to find a way how to activate Sync2 with Spotify/ AppLink as i'm having the exact same issue as you had. I can only manage to play spotify through bluetooth audio via the phone control not the Sync2 screen.



Re: Ford Sync applink help

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Hi after some research I don't believe sync 2 is applink compatible whereas
sync gen 1 is. So I am just using the same method as you describe. Seems
odd that they removed this feature.

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Yea that right Sync 1 "should" add spotify to sync mobile apps and then you can use voice command etc. I had this working fine in my kuga that has sync 1. That was untill the latest update of spitify on 26 June. Now Spotify is not listed in my mobile apps in Sync and when i try to find it from sync it just keeps coming back saying it can not any new apps to add.


Would love to get to the bottom of it, has spotify removed the ability to use it with ford sync.

Re: Ford Sync applink help

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I'm having the same problem with sync 2 in my new Mondeo.

No Way to install applications as Spotify!

Can't manage spotify trough sync'screen.

It' seems that US version can be upgraded with usb. I'm really hangry about Ford!!!

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Spotify should work with all models that are equipped with Ford SYNC with AppLink. So this exludes models with MyFordTouch.

Can you please share with us the following info to help us investigate?

Phone model

Phone OS version

Car model

Exact steps to reproduce the issue


Can you also ensure that Ford sync is updated to the latest version?


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The car model is FORD Mondeo, which is European cousin of US Fusion.


Sync version is called "SYNC2 Touchscreen" (= MyFordTouch?)


It's said in user manuel we can install applications, like Spotify...


But you confirm Spotify isn't available with this system? Why? Could it be possible in the future, as old Sync 'AppLink' allows it?


Finally, thank you for the link to update system but it's only possible for US models, not european ones...



Re: Ford Sync applink help

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I'm based in the UK and concur that Spotify and Sync in a new Ford Focus don't work together.

Sync does not recognise any compatible apps on my Samsung Galaxy S6

Re: Ford Sync applink help

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Meant to add: the Focus is a hire car - we have discovered we need 2 cars now we have 2 children!

Does anyone know of an accurate list of which music streaming services work with which cars?

I want to make an informed choice about my music-listening and car-buying and it would good to know about any other incompatibilities like Ford and Spotify.