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Four five seconds by rihanna

Four five seconds by rihanna

Why "Four Five Seconds" by rihanna ia not on spotify?
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Unfortunately, Spotify cannot decide which music they want to be available at Spotify. The music label, artist, and/or legal owner decide where they want their music to be available. If you want a specific song on Spotify, please ask the music label, artist, or legal owner to add it on Spotify.


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For Spotify to have music on their servers; they require the permissions from the record label. The chances are that the record label have not given the permissions to Spotify, which means that Spotify can't have the music yet. Spotify make everything they have available to us, so hopefully it will appear soon!


You can also check out the Music FAQ which has some more information.



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This is complete BS.  I *pay* you to have music available to me as a customer.  What is the point in subscribing to Spotify if you cannot WORK WITH THE LABELS to get their music onto Spotify?  You all have a serious reputation problem that needs cleaned up.  How about using my money to fix that, eh?

It's usually the fault of the labels. I suggest complaining to the labels. 


People often times yell at Spotify when it is in fact the greedy music labels.

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Don't get it twisted. It's the fault of Spotify not working hard enough
with the labels on their customers' behalf.

it is on spotify, it is just written "fourfiveseconds" without any spaces inbetween ๐Ÿ˜‰

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