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Free Mobile Android App Won't Shuffle Playlists Anymore

Free Mobile Android App Won't Shuffle Playlists Anymore

My Free mobile Spotify app will not shuffle anymore. It always plays my playlists from the top of the list in order, which is quite frustrating since the songs at the bottom of the list never get played and I have to hear the same songs every day that I start the playlist and cannot skip more than 6 of these. This started happening after my account was migrated from a Facebook-login account to a free-standing Spotify account. My app does have the new UI, so the overall look has been updated. Don't know if I somehow got a Beta version of the app or not. Issue has been going on for 10+ days now, would like a solutions ASAP. I use an android device, Samsung Galaxy S6 and everything is up to date. Listed below are the troubleshooting steps I have already tried:


Uninstalled and reinstalled app twice
Cleared cache
Force Stopped app and restarted

2 Replies

I have the same phone and the same situation. I even tried making a copy of the playlist on my computer and copied the songs into the new playlist (about 500) but from bottom to top, so I now i have two identical playlists. One plays from the top, the other from the bottom of the original 

The most recent update I received today seems to have resolved the issue!

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