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Friendship is so vulnerable? Have a look at this app!

Friendship is so vulnerable? Have a look at this app!






When your friends borrow your phone to play games with some secret data.

When your friends wants to look through your gallery but there are some private photos

When your friends use your phone while your girlfriend send you a sweet message.


How do you respond?  A bit not careful the boat of friendship will be overturned…


After all, you just want to protect your privacy and don’t want other people to know more about your life. Now, there is a really effective way to resolve all these troubles!



Applock Aurora, best security guard that helps you to protect privacy with password o pattern, keep secret files and applications safe and make it difficult for others to get access to your private contents. Never worry about privacy issues!!



Play Store Link:


Lend your phone to your friends without worries!





  • Create a safer environment of mobile for you with all these functions.


-      App Lock: Lock photos, videos, messages, contacts, gallery, document and apps including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, Messenger, and any other app you choose.

-      Photo/Video Vault: Hide your sensitive photos and videos in Photo/Video Vault, you can view them inside safe vault without being snooped by others.

-      Fake Cover: Use fake disguise cover to confuse intruders. Like fingerprint scan which is liking a fingerprint scanner, only you will know how to get the app protected.  You can choose different icons to replace Secure AppLock icon which means nobody will take this app seriously and give your phone privacy advanced protection!

-   Prevent uninstall: After you enable Advanced Security feature, others are unable to delete this applock password & pattern without your permission. This can better protect your privacy and secret.

-      More well designed theme to choose like animals, scenery, city, love, festival, cartoon, sport, food, etc.






Applock aurora, lubricate your friendship with it!!!

Without doubt, it is the most beneficial app to secure your phone privacy!!!

Besides, it’s free. Applock Aurora does not only promise to lock away your selected apps, but it’s easy and effective to operate. It’s really worth a shot!



Have a try now, upgrade the boat of friendship to a ship called love!!

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