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Galaxy S7 Edge crashes

Galaxy S7 Edge crashes


I have my Galaxy S7 Edge now for about a week and Spotify keeps on crashing my phone.


The App works fine for as long as there is no notfication coming in and the phone is not in standby.


My phone goes into standby after 1 minute and Spotify keeps playing.

Once a new notifcation comes in, Spotify stops playing the current song and after that the App crashes so badly that I cant even unlock the phone without doing a hard reset.

Sometimes I managed to unlock the phone and the app only displays a black screen OR bluetooth is not responding OR the phone in general works very slowly.


Battery saving is not on.

Force stopping Spotify does not help or even work.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app does not help either.

Spotify is updated.

Only stoping all notifications seems to work... but not really an option ...


Today I installed the latest software update for the phone and that did not change anything either.


Does anyone have the same issues or a fix? o_0





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Do you think it could be related to this issue:

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Hello and thanks for your reply,

No, at first I did not have an SD Card in the phone and Spotify crashed.
Now that I have an SD card it still happens...

So I guess it does not have anything to do with the place the files are stored.

But thanks again '__'

I'm at my wit's end. Was worried it could be an issue with my (previously problem free) Bluetooth headphones. Then worked it was my new S7.

Any developments on this issue for you yet?



I'm also experiencing some troubles with my S7 edge. When I pair my device with my car's Bluetooth, I'm not able to even open the spotify app. All control is on my car and if I want to change of playlist or artist, I must unpair the devices and change of folder (I can only access the Spotify app when it's unpaired). 


Does anyone is experiencing or can tell me how I can solve this??



I have the same issue, still no fixing!
I have no idea why, sometimes it happens only when my phone is connected to speakers, but like, concert-like speakers, amp basically, but other phones just work fine

And what I noticed is that when spotify crashes, the music app by default on the phone also crashes, so no idea what the **bleep** is going on here

Brand new S7 Edge and 2 days later spotify crashes my phone so that it needs a hard restart to work again. Now I deleted spotify data, reinstalled and set it to internal instead of sd card. Let's see if this solves the issue

I do have an emence problem with spotify on my Samsung s7edge. Spotify keeps freezing my whole Phone. Not even forcing it shut down helps. I even have zo remove the simcard slot to really boot it up or down properly.
Spotify has to really work this issue out. Or is it just an App for iphone users ... again!

Other S7 users don't have this issue so I suggest you try a factory reset then reinstall spotify. If you still have problems after doing that, use the online contact form and someone at Spotify can help get this sorted. If you get an automated response directing you back to the community or to the help pages, please reply to it by email and you will hear back from one of the team shortly.

I am having this exact same issue, I even had Samsung send me a new phone thinking mine just had a software bug. But less than a week into my new phone and it is having the same issue, this is a Spotify problem

did it work?

The Spotify app crashes for me from time to time on my S7 edge. Based on the comments above I'm wondering if its due to an issue accessing the SD card. Its really annoying when it happens during a run as I can't easily acces the phone on my arm. Does anyone know for certain what the issue is?


So after having tried everything suggested and after some updates, both for the app and the phone, I have stopped using Spotify.

As nothing worked and I listen mostly to Spotify when driving, I switched to Google Play Music..... The app is more basic and it lacks some features from Spotify but at least it works 😉

I guess I will try using Spotify once more in a couple of months and mybe then it works with my car's radio. 



The same thing was happening to me (I also keep Spotify stored on my SD card). I noticed that it was only happening when my built in and/or SD card memory was getting close to full. The only thing that stopped it happening was keeping lots of free space... hope that helps

My built-in memory was 28/32gb in use so I'll clear some unused apps and see if that helps. Thanks for the responses 🙂

Fingers crossed!

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