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Gear S3 not playing sound when using spotify

Gear S3 not playing sound when using spotify


So have a gear s3 watch, and the first time i put spotify on it it worked great - i play the music through my bluetooth headphones (backbeat fit) - i went grocery shopping with just my watch and my headphones and had a great time.


now it just doesn't work anymore, and i have no clue why. my headphones are paired with my watch, notification sounds can be heard through them too, but nothing on spotify. even without my headphones in spotify doesn't play sound (it played randomly once from my watch when i was parking the car :,) )


so what's going on? how do i make this work? i want spotify on my watch to make sound so i can run and listen to music (this was why i chose the samsung gear and bought ridic expensive headphones SO i could listen to my music while running) otherwise what's the point here? i've googled a bit and tried various troubleshooting but nothing is working. the app is working, i can scroll through my music, i allegedly have playlists downloaded onto my watch but there isn't anything to hear c:


3 Replies


Yup just happened to me too, used to be able to listen to everything just fine with bluetooth headphones and now it says its playing but no volume

Same issue. mine seems to happen randomly.  Sometimes it works fine and sometimes it just wont play sound.  The app says its playing and when I pull down the top menu it shows that its playing but theres no sound.  adjusting the volume from within the Spotify app doesn't seem to work either.  I have noticed that sometimes when I have Map My Run going at the same time that after the MMR app voice tells me my distance Spotify sound stops.  Its almost like Spotify was muted or paused to allow for MMR to speak and was never allowed to start again.  I can usually get it to work again by stopping everything, unpairing my headphones and restarting the watch but it is really annoying.  The whole reason I bought the watch and pay for Spotify is so I can use it while running without having to carry a cell phone.

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