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Goofball question re Local Files option

Goofball question re Local Files option






several Samsung Galaxy phones

Operating System

Android 4.4.2 (really!), Android 4.4.2 (really!), Android 10, Android 11


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I know this is goofy but it's for real. Would someone please post, via screenshots, the entire Settings menu from Spotify Android then draw a circle around the "Local Files" option? Every single solution to putting non-Spotify songs onto Spotify includes a step requiring I go into Settings and tap Local Files but there is no such option on four different Android devices. To be clear, this is not related to Spotify desktop. To also be clear, yes yes all the devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.


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Hi there @arnold1888,


Welcome to the Community.


There are no goofy questions!


You need to enable the Local files option only in iPhone. 


There is no such setting for Android. Once you've uploaded the local files to a playlist on your computer they should appear on your phone automatically as well.


Tips on uploading files:

  • Have both the PC and your phone connected to the same Wi-Fi and have both apps open while you upload the files.
  • Avoid special characters (*,!,?,&.$ etc.) and letters outside of the standard English alphabet in the file names.
  • If the files don't sync to your phone, try connecting all devices to a Mobile Hotspot or another network, as some routers would have restrictions which don't allow Spotify to upload songs properly.

For more info check out this support article.


Let us know how you get on with this 🙂

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