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Google Pixel Can't access Spotify controls unless...

Google Pixel Can't access Spotify controls unless...

I just switched over from an iPhone 6s to the Google pixel. One thing I've noticed about Spotify is that sometimes the Spotify controls do not appear on the lock screen or the drop down notification menu UNLESS I use the clear apps button , and then launch Spotify. This seems really tedious and annoying. It's like as soon as I launch an app that has a video or audio plugin such as Facebook, insta, etc... it overrides Spotify from being able to bring up the quick controls. Clearing out my apps always fixes is (as long as I launch Spotify right afterwards) but this doesn't seem right to have to constantly do. Again I just got the pixel phone and Spotify was one of the first apps I downloaded, so I assume everything is up to date. If anyone has a permanent fix for this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
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Seems to be an issue with the latest app update, I have this issue too.


Previous thread -

Hi all. I have the issue of no visibility to the Spotify player when on lock screen. It was perfect on my old Samsung as I was able to just flick songs without the hassle of opening and locking the phone each time.

Please tell me Spotify and Google can resolve this??


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