Google assistant on Sonos fails to play spotify music

Google assistant on Sonos fails to play spotify music


Plan: Family

Country: Sweden

Device: Sonos Arc




I am using the google assistent on Sonos Arc home theatre system and I can through voice command control everything around music playing (next song, volume control) EXCEPT to START playing music on spotify.


When I issue the command "hey google, start dire straits on spotify"


The google assistent on Sonos Arc kindly answers "Sure, playing the list "this is dire straits" on spotify....i am sorry, it seems like playing isn't configured on this media delivery system".


I don't understand why it doesn't work. Everything is configured / authorized everywhere however, i noticed that in spotify app on my iphone 12 the only voice control service listed there seems to be Alexa.


One thing I was wondering if this issue has got something to do with the fact that I have the Spotify Family account (which includes 6 Spotify Premium accounts).


Could it be that simple? That support for Spotify Family isn't added?

Your help is appreciated.


// Patrik


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