Google cast in Android app stopped working

Google cast in Android app stopped working


Same issue as other posters but for me it didnt fix itself 'after a few days'. All worked perfectly untill some days ago:


Running on LG-G5 the latest version of Spotify premium; Spotify app sees my chromecast audio and video devices but cannot connect to them anymore. Spotify App is able to connect to my PC via same WIFI. Spotify even tells me it found a cast device and asks me to connect to it...Firmware of cast devices all up to date. Note that other music and video apps connect perfectly to the chromecast audio (and video) devicesso it's Spotify App issue... When trying to connect Spotify App to chromecast(video) the TV switches on so there is at least some conenctivity but seems that connection with cast device cannot be completed...


loggin in/out, Clearing files/cache, reinstalling Spotify app (incl. restarting devices), rebooting/factory resetting chromecast, etc etc. all tried this but nothing helps. 


Anyone got another solution I can try, since I like to listen to some premium paid music again 🙂 ....thanks!

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Hey same problem exact something it's says my Google chrome cast audio is their and keeps say connecting but won't connect to it hopefully some solutions pop up

Yes me as well and I also have LG G5

Im having the same problem with my LG G5. I got around it by using the screen sharing option then just opened spotify. Not as great but it works!

Exactly the same thing happened to my tonight. I though it was my router or phone or something but then noticed that all other apps are able to cast to Chromecast. Spotify for chromecast just completely stopped working. I gotta say that lately Spotify has been doing some **bleep**ty things. Features that has worked flawlessly suddenly stops working.

I have written here about a problem I've had controlling volume on the Chromecast while Spotify is running in the background. That feature completely disappeared out of the blue as well.

Well you are not alone with this problem. Ir seems like Spotify doesn't even bother to read its own community cos I habe gotten zero feedback from anyone connected to Spotify.



Ah this works for me too (nice find, so screen mirroring is also possible to chrome audio devices I hadnt tried that..). Volume control a bit nasty but a great workaround until Spotify fixes the issue (maybe it's LG G5 latest android version related...?)... thanks!


weirdest thing: didn't do anything... and this morning all worked perfectly again... Dont have a clue why Spotify again works now (cant see any updates in my apps, network etc.). maybe some weird cache thing... voodoo technology I guess... 


As of now, I am using the latest version of Spotify and have a Chromecast Audio. I have the same symtoms of those above:


- Google Cast appears under devices in Spotify Android app

- Confirmed Chromecast Audio works with other services from Android phone (e.g. Google Play Music)

- Using Google Pixel, Android 7.1


Spotify you need to fix this. On the Chromecast Audio box itself, it is promoted right on the front of the box. Very disapointing that this isn't working.

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