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I've been testing Group Session between two Android Phones and I'd like to report the following 2 issues:


1 - Whenever a song is added to the queue, either by a client or host, the clients get a break in sound (short, I'd say about 0.1 sec but annoying). The sound keeps playing fine on the host. We swapped hosts to test and isolate the issue.


2 - If two listeners have a different crossfade value, there's a playback issue at the start of a song. For example, if the ListenerA has a 3 sec crossfade and ListenerB has a 5 sec crossfade, ListenerA will hear 2 sec of the song and then it'll start over to match up with the 3 sec crossfade on ListenerB.



Also, some suggestions:


A - Log the group session; as in, let us see what was played during that session later on and who put the song on.


B- Make the option to start a group session more obvious. It's buried under "Connect to a device", which seems like an odd place.



It's a great feature. I'm hoping to see it improved!

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