Group Sessions missing two main features after most recent update

Group Sessions missing two main features after most recent update








OnePlus 5T

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After the most recent update, you can no longer seem to scan a code to join someone's group session. 

You can also no longer choose if you want to play on the host's device, or on your device. It is stuck on your device.


The support site still says it's possible:



These two features were great when playing music in the car with friends. Is this a bug or was it intentionally removed? If so, why? It was so useful, I loved it.

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Hey @Semx11,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and welcome.


As Group Session is a Beta feature, it might change over time. Now it includes the option of automatic device joining on the same network and the limit for people joining remote sessions has been increased from 5 to 8.


As you may have noticed, there are also a few differences in the interface. How you join a remote session or a specific device differs from before.


If you want to listen on the same speaker, the session's host needs to send an invite for that speaker, instead of starting a remote session. To do that, they can tap on the arrow next to the device they're listening from. Then you can accept their invite and start listening to music on the same device as them. You can see the process on the screenshots below.

 Screenshot_20220211-123951506 (1).pngScreenshot_20220211-123618740 (1).png


We appreciate the feedback about the article in the support site. We’ll pass this to the right team to make the change.


If you have any additional questions, the Community will be here for you. 


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We are missing the code scan feature a lot as well! Sometimes there is no network to be in together, and sending invites around is annoying or also not possible.


Hey @m4xe,


Thanks for sharing your feedback here.


We appreciate it and have passed it forward to the right teams 🙂 It's important for us to hear what options are important and often used for features in development, like the Group Session.



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I am seeing the same issue and do not see the arrow next to my device. 



Hi @deepshah0420,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


You need to be connected to a Bluetooth / WiFi device first. Just play something so that the current playback switches to your Bluetooth / WiFi Speaker and you should see the option available.


Let us know how it goes.



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Hi Yordan, in our case there is no BT/WiFi audio device. There is a tablet which has speakers connected via plain old audio jack and potential session participants have no access to the same network. So, your suggestion doesn't work for us.


I have this issue as well. My car doesn't have Bluetooth, but only has an AUX cable. Spotify doesn't detect this as a device, so I can't start a group session with friends in the car through code scanning. I have to send a link, which is cumbersome, and everyone has to turn their phone's volume to 0, as the music plays on all devices...

I believe this is a oversight from the design team. Where do we submit this feedback? This is a severe downgrade compared to how it used to work.

It took spotify support 45 minutes having me reinstall the app and troubleshoot for them to tell me that it was removed from the beta. best support out there


I would like to add to the feedback with everyone else, that in practice this change is a downgrade for most use cases.


Nice that you increased the number of people that can que together to 8.


Please bring back the scanning. Sharing via text is less a bigger hassle and in my experience, pressing on the link in messenger or text rarely connects the other person to the que the first couple of times. The scanning had hick-ups sometimes - but much more rarely. 


The old implementation was much better and it was easy for a group of people at a party to que music together.


As this was one of my and others favorite features - please revise it as soon as possible. 


Thank you! 


yes! we appreciate the new features (especially improvements to connecting to devices to make it more consistent) but that doesn’t mean you should remove useful features! this was the only way i used the session feature before and i’d like it back


and while you’re at it, make the session qr code unchanging so you could print out the code - similar to songs. i’d love to have a session qr code sticker


this actually worked, now it doesn't, stop messing with it


Want to use this feature to let other user control Spotify on my phone rather than another speaker. Seems like it's not possible to invite other users to my phone if not connected to another speaker.


Now I need to start a group session by sending sms and other user needs to turn off the volume since group session on phone no longer supports remote function only. 


Any ideas about this? 


Maybe add a delay slider in the options. My friend and I were trying to play the same song from two separate boats. Mine is plugged in aux. his is connected to his Bluetooth stereo in his boat. We have a delay. A slider might solve this issue

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