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HELP - artists followed on desktop do not show up in artists on Android phone

HELP - artists followed on desktop do not show up in artists on Android phone

Hi - I could not find a posting on this, so here goes:


I have created quite a bit of a list of artists I want to follow on Spotify desktop. This list is in a large part based on my CD library, and contains several hundred artists. My expectation was - perhaps wrongly - that these artists would show up in my "your music" library on the phone client under Artists - Artists I follow from the phone show up on my desktop client - but vice versa no such luck. I finished building the library 2 days ago (in case it was a synchronization delay). I have artists i follow on the phone where I do not have any album in the collection (downloaded or streaming) as under the Album tab of the "your music" library.


My question -

Am I wrong to expect that artists i follow on the desktop to show up on my mobile Artists?

If I am wrong, this would be a feature I would like

If it should synchronize - what am I not doing right, as certainly I am not getting the desired result 🙂


Many thanks for your help

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Hi there, as long as you are in the same profile then followed artists should appear cross-platform.

Can I suggest logging out of your profile on your mobile and back in again.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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