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HTC Desire HD



I am using Spotify Premium now for six months. But most of the time I got a lot of Problems.

The most annoying one, is that when I am listening to music (no matter 3g or wifi) my phone calls people.

Also, sometimes there is no sound. The music is playing, but I can't hear a thing (headphone or speaker)

Last problem, sometimes it says that the track is not avaible when I do have internet connection (3g or wifi).


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We've never quite heard of the phone calling people while listening to music before. Very strange! I'd recommend a clean installation - This should hopefully get things up and running again.

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"No sound" on my HD was resolved by not just reboot the phone but also removing the battery. It might help the developers to resolve the issue.

Random "No sound" seems to be generic problem on the Android App or at least on HTC specifically.

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