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HTC ONE drops spotify over bluetooth

HTC ONE drops spotify over bluetooth

My HTC ONE, when trying to play spotify over Bluetooth spotify will stop working about five songs in. Then it says it playing but no sound comes. Bluetooth works fine with all the other players on my phone. This also happens when I'm plugged into headphones. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice.
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Hi. Are you running any other software which could be causing this? Does it happen on downloaded playlists or just when streaming? Please perform a clean reinstall, following these instructions. If it doesn't fix the issue, please repost here.

I've just gotten the ONE, and had my spoty friend on an EVO 4G with Gingerbread prior. both phones would randomly refuse to play spotify audio though connected via A2DP. I could use another app to play my own onboard mp3's, so I'm certain it's a spotify issue. On the EVO, the issue happened any time the audio was interupted for a voice call, system notification, etc. On the ONE, every morning I get in my vehicle, spoty won't come through, and I have to turn the phone's bluetooth off and back on again, though I'd just turned it on to talk to the car. Odd, because Spotify displays the song playing as if everything is normal.

I have the same problem as the poster above me. I have tried a different rom and the problem still comes up. It only happens in Spotify all other apps like Pandora work just fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I also have an HTC One.

I have the same problem moved from an iphone, where the bluetooth worked fine with my mercedes to the HTC one now the in car does not display the tracks being played in spotify and drops out and i have to restart.  When I leave my car and and start driving again it defaults to the music player on the HTC not spotify which was playing when I left.

I'm experiencing the same issue but with an Sony Xperia z3 running Android 5.1.1.


I didn't have any issues with my iphone but this started happening after the switch to Android. 


I'm about cancel my subscription and sign up with Google Play Music.

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