Headphones button and lock screen issue

Headphones button and lock screen issue






Samsung Galaxy Trend plus

Operating System

Android 4.2.2


My Question or Issue

Hello. Two days ago I started getting wierd things happening. I noticed that when I plug my headphones into my phone, spotify has trouble with headphones button. When clicking once to pause the music it pauses, but after split second it automatically starts playing again, and also the pause/play button on the lock screen does the same thing. I've tried clearing the data, force stopping the app and even reinstallation. After reinstalling the app the lock screen play/pause button works fine, but when I plug in the headphones for the first time after reinstalling the whole issue comes back. I did check, and none of the other apps have this issue. It's a very critical bug for me as I just bought premium subscription and I listen to music whole days on the headphones, and have to unlock my phone to pause the music.

I hope this issue will get fixed as soon as possible

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