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Help with local files for android.

Help with local files for android.

I have problems with syncing tracks from local files for my android phone, I have several ordinar playlists offline on my phone but it won't work with the local files. I've tried connecting them to the same wifi and basically followed the steps that spotify suggests but it doesn't work, anyone experiencing similar troubles or have any idea what the problem might be?

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Buenos dias.  Yo tambien tengo problemas con los archivos locales. Cuando los sincronizo en listas , modo sin conexion , cada vez que intenta reproducirme una archivo que era local  , no solo no me lo reproduce sino que me saca de la aplicación .  

He comprobado los formatos de los archvos , y todos son compatibles con SPOTIFY , ya que se trata de archivos MP3 . No se si ha alguien mas le ha pasado . 


Saludos . 

I have the same problem, even though I can play the files on my computer, when I go to play them in the same playlist on my phone, the app crashes, and I have to restart it. Happens everytime, online or offline, even though it says that they can be played. No updates were found either, and I realllllllly don't want to have to uninstall Spotify, because I have a lot of playlists, and it would take up loads of bandwidth. Making me think twice about renewing my subscription...



I had a similar issue. First you must be sure your device appears under the Devices folder on the left.  If you can't see it when both are on the WiFi then it is probably yourfirewall that is blocking it.  Turn off the firewall and see if it sees you phone. If it does then you will see the sync works fine. You will have to add an exception for spotify.exe in your firewall.


If the sync and link is all shot, then delete the spotify folder on the phone (com.spotify...) and restart the app and it will start up clean.

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