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Help with transfer from LG G5 to LG G5

Help with transfer from LG G5 to LG G5

Hi guys,
I recently got spotify premium on my LG G5
There has been a tech issue with my phone and my carrier is sending me out a replacement phone. I dont have a computer or internet (bar my phones data pack) is there a way i can transfer all the songs ive downloaded on spotify to my new phone without using heaps of data ( like i orgionally did to download all the songs i have)

Any answers appreciated,

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Hi @noahroe1992 and welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear you've had problems with your phone but it's good that you're getting a new one!


Tracks that you download to Spotify are not downloaded as traditional MP3 files, they download as specially encoded files which helps fight copyright infringement and piracy.


As the files are not in the traditional MP3 format, it is not possible to transfer the files from one device to another. 


When you get your replacement phone, I'm sure that one of the first things you download will be the Spotify app and when you log in, all your followed artisits and albums will  be there as will your playlists but unfortunately, none of it will be available for offline playback as it will need to be re-downloaded.


Is it not possible for you to go somewhere with WiFi so that you can make your music available offline?

Sure. Thanks heaps for your help

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