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Home tab not loading on Honor Play in Android App

Home tab not loading on Honor Play in Android App

Hey Peeps,


I've ran into an issue with my Android Spotify app when I switched over to my new Honor Play device. The app's home tab is not loading, giving an EM: Sorry, something went wrong. That didn't work. Please have another go.


I've tried in Full screen mode and non-Full screen mode as well. Tried reinstalling the app by deleting it from the Settings and doing a clean reinstall outlined in the below post. Deleted the folder from all mentioned locations.

[COMPLETE GUIDE] How to fix most Android issues


However, the issue is the same and Home tab will not load in.


Thanks for any help on this and let me know in case of questions.









Honor Play

Operating System

Android 8.1


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From what you are describing, I feel like this might be an issue with the device you are trying to connect to. Have you tried contacting the company? If it's not a problem with the device, maybe you should try to use a different phone/tablet to pair using Spotify. It may be that causing the problem. Or it could be a glitch on our end. If the problem still continues or if you have anymore questions, please reply.

I hope this helps!

- Emily

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