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How can I get back autoplay from search results?

How can I get back autoplay from search results?

Some time ago, when I searched for a song, and then played one from results, when it ended next song from search results played.

This was great for comparing covers, for example.

Now, since at least a month, playback stops after first song.

How can I make it treat search results as any other playlist and have it continue playback?


I'm on Spotify on Android 10.

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I agree, it's completely absurd that this doesn't work, especially for advanced searches. I often like to find new music by searching with queries such as "year:2022 AND genre:electronica" and just go down the list of results. It's such an annoyance to have to manually add them all to my queue after searching - just play the list! Absolutely horrible UX decision by Spotify, they continue to hinder music discovery with stuff like this. 

I found a workaround for it, you just need to hit Ctrl + A and add all of them to the queue

jfc thank you 

It's neat to have a workaround for the desktop version, but I use mostly if not only the android version so that's helps only partially

This idea could also interest you: Play all search results 



I encountered the same problem and what I do now is after searching a song I press the three dots above that song then scroll down to "song radio" and its the same as but it takes a few extra seconds and button presses which sucks.

How has it been 4 YEARS and spotify has not fixed this extremely straight-forward and easily verified bug??

another user here in 2024 frustrated by this bug - I'll use the add to queue as a crutch, but I get it you guys are too busy redesigning the next UI (which will likely be another abomination) than fix what really matters to your users.




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