How delete offline music`?

How delete offline music`?




Downloaded 2 playlists on to my phone to use in offline mode, but how can i delete the songs again, so i have free disc space again?




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Just click long on the playlist title that you no longer want to have in offline mode.

A menu appears - it should be the first option which says something like: Don't download

Click this and songs are no longer available offline.


After a restart the space should be free again.


For me this doesn't work. The songs will, after chosing the "remove from downloads" option, no longer be shown as available offline, but even after restarting the phone twice or more times, the space is not shown as free. Any ideas?


If you only have these two playlists saved (i.e. You don't have others offline music saved), then this will delete everything:

Open the Spotify app and go to the Settings menu.

At the bottom there is a section called Other.

Here, there is an option 'Delete cache and saved data'.

Press on that.


Already tried that, too.

One new information - now that I have deleted quite a few albums and downloaded less new albums afterwards, the storage seems to be partially set free over time. That is I get about 10MB more everytime I check, not a lot. It's a little weird.

Possibly the act of going online to Spotify triggers synchronisation and thus the deletion. Or try a manual sync via the phone settings


You'd think that with all the complaints I see about this dating back to 2014, that Spotify would have come up with a less tedious way to remove those unwanted downloaded tracks. Guess they don't care as long as they're still raking in the money. 

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