How do I create a photo album

How do I create a photo album

 After wandering all ova Spit's DroidFone site I finally stumbled across a page that actually gave me permission to upload pix from my fones gallery.

 I proceeded to "choose file" and although I couldn't see my pix immagonna take Spit's word for it that they had captured it.

K, so then it ever so I kindly asked me what Album I want to put it in.

Well bless thier overly complicated UI's artificial heart but I am just offa the Pharm so I haven't even CREATED one yet. 

So look, SpitFam, I guess what imma lookin fur is how to create, from nothing (u know, like the Universe), my first SpitPhotoBombAlbum©

Kant wait to share it all w y'all!

Terry Tolkin
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Terry Tolkin

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