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How do I listen to someone else's playlists?

How do I listen to someone else's playlists?

I know the username of the person who made the playlists, but I can't find that person on Spotify, and they can't find me. How can I have their playlists to listen to?

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You can click his/ her profile name on the top of a playlist. You will see all of his/ her public playlists there. Have fun 🙂

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If you have there username, you can search for them using this format: spotify:user:[username] :), if they want to they can also share the playlist with you by clicking share and entering your username. 

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Whats a Spotify Rock Star?

It is not posible to logg inn on your sight with facebook its more like its frosen ore locked and i whas trying to get premium on heare..

@aceas24 -- the Spotify account linked to your Community profile currently isn't linked to a Facebook profile. If you try logging in with your regular username and password, you should get logged in nicely.


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