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How do I remove a recently played playlist?

How do I remove a recently played playlist?

Lately, I've wanted to remove some playlists from my recently played and when I click on them and press the three dots, the remove option isn't there anymore. Maybe it was an update change, however, I thought it wouldn't be removed or something. So, is there a reason why I can't remove a spotify playlist from my recently played?

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Hey @Monnie64, help's here.


Did you save the podcast to your Library? If not, there's no need to remove it. 


Could you send us a screenshot showing us how it looks?


Keep us posted!


I did not add it in my library. Instead, it shows in my recent plays. I used to have an old Spotify update where within the 3 dots icon, I was able to remove playlist from the recently played but it's not there anymore. And since I tend to be a butterfinger, I accidentally press shuffle play in podcasts/playlists that I don't listen to and I would have hard time removing them. 




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